• Lalibela Churches

    Today the town of Lalibela hosts eleven rock-hewn churches and all, apart from their historic significance, are renowned for their excellent and unique rock-carvings. The art displayed on the rocks dates from the twelfth century yet is still intact. Read More
  • Travel Ethiopia

    Ethiopia, the oldest independent nation in Africa, has a heritage dating back to the first century AD. Traders from Greece, Rome, Persia and Egypt knew of the riches of what is now Ethiopia, and by the first century AD, Axum was the capital of a great empire. Read More
  • Trek Ethiopia

    The Simien Mountains National Park covers 400 square kilometers of highland area at an average elevation of 3,300 meters above sea level. Ras Dashen at 4,620 meters the highest peak in Ethiopia stands adjacent to the park. Within this spectacular splendor, three endemic mammals can be visited here, Walia Ibex, Ethiopian wolf and Gelada Baboon. Read More
  • The Omo Valley

    Omo Valley, named after the majestic Omo River that passes through, possess the highest concentration of extraordinarily splendid tribes such as Arbore, Bume, Dasenech also known as Galeb, Hamer, Karo, Konso, Mursi, Surma, Nyangatom also known as Bume and Tsemai, than anywhere in Africa. Read More
  • Danakil Depression

    Located in the northeastern part of the country in Ethiopian Great Rift Valley roof with several points of below sea level; the Denakil/Dallol depression has a reputation as one of the earth’s most inhospitable but interesting and outstanding place. Read More
  • Festivals

    Timket is the greatest festival of the Ethiopian year, falling just 2 weeks after Ethiopian Christmas. It is actually a 3-day affair preceded by the eve of Timket when the dramatic processions take place through a night of fasting, to the great day itself and the commemoration of Christ's baptism in the Jordan River. Read More
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Scheduled Departure

Amazing Ethiopia Tours runs scheduled solo or group departures for different traveller types, special interest groups, schools, family parties,business travellers and religious organization. We will help create exactly the right holiday for you and your party.

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You can also choose from our list of itineraries, a new expedition to the Southwest of Ethiopia either combining it with the historic route or the Omo valley.
You have the chance to see the most spectacular scenery of Ethiopian landscapes, experience nature & people in the Classic historic Ethiopia. We offer the 8 days trip starting from two people. Find prices for this trip.


We offer you the freedom to create your own program. Starting from scratch, you can build your perfect itinerary based around where you want to go,with the help of our tour operator.


Southwest and Omo Valley

The Omo Valley route offers the best cultural encounters with local peoples so why not make it extra special and make it tailor-made


Semien Mt. & Danakil

One of the amazing landscapes in Ethiopia is the Semien Mountain National park and the Danakil depression also an awesome experience


Omo valley and Historic route

We have combined tours to the North and south of Ethiopia 21 and 15 days 


Longer Trips in Ethiopia

We have pre-set itineraries, longer trips starting from 25 days to 40 days including the Danakil depression.


Budget Travellers

We provide affordable trips to budget travellers. We have always believed in offering the best experiences and value for your money. Read more

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Amazing Ethiopia Tours is the leading travel service specialist in Ethiopia. It offers a diversified range of travel services.

We are adventure holiday company specialising in walking & trekking , cycling, culture, photography, wildlife & safaris, wilderness, solo and group departures, short trips, overland Journeys, special interest, photographic and wildlife holidays.
We provide expert knowledge and personal service, helping you to design your perfect holiday. 

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