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We use the following hotels in Addis ababa and outside Addis. 5 stared and 4 stared hotels in Addis Ababa, 3 stared hotel ,lodges and local hotels outside Addis Ababa based on your preferences.

Hotels in Addis Ababa

Hilton Addis Ababa
Location. Hilton Addis Ababa is located in Addis Ababa, close to ECA Conference Center, Menelik II's...

Harmony Hotel
Location. Located in central Addis Ababa, Harmony Hotel is near the airport and close to Medhane Alem...

Sheraton Addis
Location. Sheraton Addis is located in Addis Ababa, close to Menelik II's Palace, Addis Ababa Stadium,...

Intercontinental Hotel Addis
Location. Intercontinental Hotel is located in central Addis Ababa, close to ECA Conference...

Addis Regency Hotel
Location. Intercontinental Hotel Addis is located in central Addis Ababa, close to ECA Conference

Radisson Blu Hotel, Addis Ababa
Location. Radisson Blu Hotel is located in central Addis Ababa, close to ECA Conference

 Saro-Maria hotel Addis Ababa 4 stared hotel- Bole Medhanealem

Hotels Out Side Addis Ababa

Paradise Lodge-Arbaminch
Paradise Lodge is located in Arba Minch which, in Amharic, means “forty springs”. The hotel enjoys a spectacular
hilltop setting overlooking Rift Valley basin. The location makes an ideal base from which to explore, and is the gateway to the remote villages and unspoiled cultures of the magnificent Omo Valley.

Jinka Eco-Lodge -Jinka
A new eco-lodge located on the outskirts of Jinka town across the Neri River, one of the tributaries to the great
Omo River and near the Arie village, one of the main tribes of Jinka. The lodge offers horse back riding,
trekking in the beautiful mountains surrounding Jinka, home-cooked meals from their own garden, plus eco-friendly tented cabins with great views.

Buska Lodge
Turmi, Ethiopia
Buska Lodge overlooks the plains of Buska Mountain and has been constructed to blend beautifully in to the natural surroundings.

Taye Belay Hotel
The best hotel in Gondar with spacious rooms
Optional- Goha hotel also a good hotel

Abay Minch Lodge
Bahar Dar, Ethiopia
Abay Minch Lodge is situated in the outskirts of Bahar Dar, close to Lake Tana. The rooms are in small bungalows
and the garden is well kept and peaceful.

Tukul Village Lodge
Lalibela, Ethiopia Tukul Village is a new hotel with attractive views of Lalibela and its surroundings. It is within walking distance of many of the ancient churches, including the Church of St George.

Sabana Resort
Langano, Ethiopia
The best resort on the shores of Lake Langano. Bungalows are situated on a cliff top, each having their own
distinctive view over the expansive Lake Langano with the Arsi Mountains in the background and are built with
local materials and simple designs. Surrounded by green grass, acacia and palm trees, local flowers and a sandy
beach area.

Awassa- Haile Resort is the best hotel in town

Yared Zema hotel
Overlooking Axum’s exceptional northern Stelae field, and the Queen of Sheba’s bathing pool, Consular boasts the best location in Axum.

Kanta Lodge
Konso, Ethiopia
A new eco-lodge with solar-heated water and Ethiopian style bungalows located on a hillside with lovely views.

Debark- Semien Lodge

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