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Ethiopia is famous for having the most unparalleled riches and historical legacy in Sub-Saharan Africa. Referring to the classic historic travel circuit followed to the south and east, one commonly visits 5 key destinations: Axum, Lalibela, Gondar, Bahir Dar and Harar.

Ethiopia, the oldest independent nation in Africa, has proud and long history dating back to the first century AD.
The country's Rift Valley is known as the cradle of humanity - fossils of the oldest known upright hominid (4-million years old) were found here in 2005, surpassing the famous 3.5-million-year-old 'Lucy', which was discovered in the same region back in 1974.

Ethiopia features some of the highest and most stunning places on the African continent, such as the jaggedly carved Simien Mountains, and some of the lowest, such as the sulphur fumaroles and lunar-like landscape of the Danakil Depression. It is also one of Africa's greatest cultural destinations, with no fewer than eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the mystical rock-hewn churches of Lalibela.

With over 80 distinct and fascinating ethnic groups, Ethiopia provides a mix of cultures and traditions that ranges between the modern and sophisticated lives of the cities to the most untouched and authentic African tribes of the remote parts of south


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Historic Route of Ethiopia


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Omo Valley Cultural Route


The Danakil Depression and Erta Ale

Ethiopia's Danakil Desert is home to one of planet earth's most extreme environments and has been dubbed the 'cruellest place on Earth'.With violent volcanoes, blistering air temperatures, gases and land masses being ripped apart by enormous planetary forces.


Spend Days/nights at Danakil, seeing the fascinating rock and salt formations at Dallol, Spectacular and varied landscapes of highlands, volcanoes and deserts, Century-old salt mining at Lake Assale.


Our trips and tours go to every landscape conceivable.Journey through wild and remote desert like the Danakil depression, perfect for those wanting to leave the modern world behind.The Danakil depression is the best sights for nature and adventure lovers. Ethiopia is well endowed with a wide variety of experiences in natural spheres to explore.


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