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Our Festival holidays can either be those that are a special departure of a normal tour, or special tours that only run during a festival. Festivals in Ethiopia are colourful events with plenty of pageantry, music and dancing. We run three Ethiopia holidays to coincide with these festivals. In January we attend Timkat, the most important festival in the calendar, which celebrates Epiphany.


In September we attend the Meskal festival which has been celebrated for over 1600 years. Please note that this departure is 2 days longer than the standard departure with an extra day in Addis Ababa (and a visit to the rock-hewn church of Addadi Mariam) and an extra day in Axum (with a visit to the ruins of Yeha). We will experience the Meskal processions in Addis Ababa.


Genna (Christmas) falls on December 29 Ethiopian calendars (January 7 Gregorian calendar). Ledet (Christmas) , it is celebrated seriously by a church service that goes on throughout the night after 43 days fasting known as Tsome Gahad (Advent), with a spectacular procession, which begins at 6 AM and lasts until 9 AM.


After the mass service, people go home to break the fast with the meat of chicken or lamb or beef accompanied with injera and the traditional drinks (i.e. tella or tej). Traditionally, young men played a game similar to hockey, called genna , on this day, and now Christmas has also come to be known by that name.


Fasika (Easter) is celebrated after 55 days severe Lent fasting (Hudade or Abye Tsome).according to Orthodox Tewahedo Christians do not eat meat and dairy products for the whole 55 days.Like Christmas, Easter is also a day of family re-union, an expression of good wishes with exchange of gifts.

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