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Dear Simeneh,

We arrived back in Switzerland today and i just wanted to say a quick thank you for organising a wonderful tour for us.  We loved the country and the variety it has to offer but what really made the tour special were the excellent guides we had throughout the tour, in particular Mario in Lalibela, Solomon in Axum and Tigray, Amanuel in Gondar and of course Johnny in the south.  

Keep up the good work.  It is really appreciated.

Oh, and I am happy for you to pass on my details to anyone else who might want a reference.

Thanks again

Lisa and Mario


If you want to go to Ethiopia we can recommend Amazing Ethiopia Tours as tour operator.(www.amazingethiopia.com)

Simeneh, the owner, is on one hand very flexible when you want to 'compose' your personal itinerary; on the other hand he gives you good advice in case that your travel plans might not work well in Ethiopia.On our trip (25 days) everything was very well organized. Thanks to the guides (Haileab and Johnny) we got a good Impression of the country and the ethiopian people. In some places we also had very experienced local guides. And last but not least our drivers drove us very carefully.




Dear Simeneh

I would like here, little late, to express our great satisfaction wth the tour you organized for us late last year. Everything functioned very well according to the plan you presented to us. Our guide Tesfaye contributed a lot to making our trip a very interesting and pleasant experience.Thank you!.

Best regards, Tore, Norway


Hi Simeneh,

 Thanks for your mail and request about our trip in Ethiopia.

 First of all, we want to thank you for the great organisation from our roundtrip through your beautiful country. We had a great time during the trip and learned more about Ethiopia and we saw a lot of beautiful things.  The organised trip was really great.  It’s impossible to see all the country, but I’m sure that we saw a big part of Ethiopia.  You can really say that it was “ Amazing “.

 About the car we had for our almost 5 weeks during the trip, we can say you that also this was very good.  A great car with a lof of space.  No complaints on this item.

 Now about Ermias, our driver.  Ermias is one of the best drivers I already have had during my holidays.  He was very friendly and funny and a real good driver.  Always very attentive and concentrated on the road.  If I come again to Ethiopia for a trip, he must be again our driver.  Even after a few hours driving on a dirt road, his car was shining like new the next day.  A wonderful guy.

 And last but not least our guide.  A wonderful guide.  From the first moment when we arrived on the airport till the very last moment on the airport again, we have had a wonderful time with him.  He knows a lot about Ethiopia and shared his knowledge about the country with us.  We could ask him everything, nothing was too much.  He could even find for us a place where there was a bull jumping, so we could see this also ( and it was very special for us ).

 So, like you can see, we haven’t any complaints about the roundtrip we booked with you.  We have only compliments about the organisation of the arrangement and our driver Ermias.

 Keep on doing the good work and we will recommend “ Amazing Ethiopia Tours “ to everybody who is planning a roundtrip in Ethiopia.


 Peter. Belgium


Hi Simeneh,

We are sorry we missed meeting you too. We wanted to personally thank you for arranging such an amazing trip for us. We absolutely feel in love with Ethiopia. Both Kim and I have been backpacking independently together for 20 years. We both now rank Ethiopia as our number one most favorite country. We are not use to taking tours and hence our million questions before we booked. We both realize it would have been impossible to see Ethiopia independently and certainly if we had tried, we would not have seen as much of the country as we did through your tour. The itinerary, hotels, guides and drivers were are all fantastic. We both feel extremely lucky to have seen the South with Haileab and Mike. They truly treated us like family and we had a really fun week with them.

Best wishes!

Corinne , Canada


Salem Simeneh,
We are back in Addis after a fabulous trip! Getnet and Lilie were excellent! They are a really nice team, very friendly. They create a nice atmosphere. Get's knowledge and patience are endless! I can't imagine two nicer people to spend 9 days with.

Beutam ameuseuganallo

Cynthia, Canada


Hi Simeneh,

My apologies for not getting in touch with you sooner!

The tour to South Omo was absolutely amazing. Gete and Lily were professional, informative and always kept us engaged in the moment. We ate as much national food as they felt was safe, and learned a lot of Amharic. The visits to the tribes were absolutely stunning, and the accommodation was great given the remote locations. I now understand why you chose the name for your company.....

Thanks again for a great tour. The memories will be with me for quite some time!



We would like to thank you very much for the organization of our Tour in Ethiopia. We were expecting special vacations ... it went beyond our expectations!They have been exceptional in all means. Your team of guides, drivers and cook was just great and we would like hereby to thank them again: 

Abita is a very knowledgeable guide, taking excellent care of his clients,discrete and helpful in the most difficult situations. Thanks to him and the local people in Abuna Yemata, I managed to walk / climb to the church despite my height fear. We had an excellent time with Ermias in Dire Dawa, Kulubi and Harar. He is so caring and kind, plus full of humor. Kulubi was just fantastic ... 2 farangis in this crowd of more than 200.000 people! A mystic and pagan experience all the same.

Gebre and Gebre Hana drove masterly in the most difficult situations and were very flexible and caring as well for our comfort. Aman, our cook, made us change our mind on the quality of the food in Ethiopia... his cuisine was just great and varied!

Regarding the program, the real highlights of the trip were the Danakil with wonderful Dallol "beginning of times landscapes", fantastic views of the salt harvesting in lake Asale and camel caravans. But the peak of the trip, the moment we will never forget, is the ascension to the Erta Ale and the breath taking view of the lava lake! It has been a hard walk, a long walk, but just great to be there.

The Dire Dawa, Kulubi and Harar part were especially interesting from a cultural and social point of view, allowing us to immerge ourselves in the day to day life of the people of this region…….

In a word, Simeneh, our vacation was just Amazing. Thank you again for this.

Kind regards

Nicole Coppens & William Tchang

Amazing Ethiopia travel truly lives up to its name! March 2007 found me at the end of an assignment in Uganda. After seeing a friend’s photos of Lalibela, I was dying to go. But how would I find my way around? My online search turned up Amazing Ethiopia Travel along with several other local travel agencies.

I can’t say what the other companies might have been like, but Amazing Ethiopia Travel and Tour was just that, adapting the itinerary to my time, making all flight and hotel reservations, picking me up at airport and showing me the sights. All the hotels were very comfortable and the guides well informed.

I felt safe and secure throughout the trip, even though I was traveling alone.The Historic Ethiopia tour was like a trip back in time, and I learned a lot. If you’re interested in visiting Ethiopia, this is the travel agency to go with!

Michelle Bashin

Amazing Ethiopia is a good description of the country and the tour company. We did a 21-day tour of the north and south and thanks to Amazing Ethiopia, it was probably the best holiday we have ever had.

The tour was extremely well organised and went without a single hitch. Our driver and guide were very friendly, helpful and professional. Ethiopia is a fascinating and beautiful country.

We would recommend anyone looking for adventure to visit Ethiopia and to use Amazing Ethiopia who made our holiday such a memorable and enjoyable experience”.

Steve and Kim,

"Thank you Amazing Ethiopia Tours for an incredible adventure that was so well-organised and enjoyed by us all. We found the cultural and historical tour to be a truly unique travel experience and were particularly impressed by your flexibility with the changes we needed to make to our original itinerary.

The accommodation, explanations given by your local guides in each city and incredible places that we were able to experience were unforgettable. I think our dinner on our last night at the Crown Hotel where we were able to enjoy the local food and dancing was a particular highlight!

A special thank you to Tsega'ab and Simeneh for all their efforts and constantly being in communication with us throughout our tour. I will be recommending Amazing Ethiopia Tours to all my friends who are interested in visiting Ethiopia.

Thank you again.

Lucy Williams, Australia.

As a veteran Africa traveler who prefers solo travel, I usually stay far away from tour companies. However, because of limited time, I contacted Amazing-Ethiopia Tours to assist a colleague and me in working out a tour of Northern Ethiopia. I was absolutely delighted that I did so as their guidance, assistance, efficiency and overall hospitality was truly “amazing”! Simeneh proposed an 8 day tour using air travel over the classic historic route.

The reservations were attended to; the hotels basic but as good as available in the towns; and at each airport, we were met by a local guide and driver. The guides were well-trained and very informative as well as personable and open about Ethiopia and its problems. When we had to leave a day early, Simeneh obtained plane reservations for us even when the plane was full – a miracle worker. Simeneh and Tsega’ab took us for an Ethiopian meal with dance and music the first night and it was a terrific introduction.

On the last evening in Addis, we wanted Italian food, and they arranged a dinner at a superb restaurant perched on a hill overlooking the city and included a fine bottle of wine as their gift. During our travel, we saw large tours of 40-50 people who traveled together on buses, ate together and rarely interacted with any Ethiopians. Since we were only two, we were grateful that we had the opportunity to talk with many wonderful people who opened up their hearts and their history. All of this was made available to us at a very affordable cost.

Amazing-Ethiopia Tours is without question your best bet in touring the richly complex country of Ethiopia!

Harvey M. Weinstein, MD, MPH
University of California, Berkeley

I have done some travel in the past few years - everything from the "red velvet rope and private bus" tours to backpacking by myself from Istanbul to Cairo - so I have encountered a number of pleasures, surprises and unexpected dilemmas during my travels. I have encountered everything from carpet scams in Turkey and the agressive touts in Tangier, Morocco, to the good-natured bargaining with Masai wariors and the delight of being invited home to a family's farm in the West Bakaa Valley. In all my travels I can honestly say I have never met anyone as honorable, kind and conscientious as Simeneh and his partner .

I cannot recommend these two more highly. They both have built good relationships (and reputations) with various contacts throughout Ethiopia - I know because when I mentioned their names I always heard them praised.
I went to Ethiopia last fall and afer great frustration trying to book my own accomodations, I finally contacted Simeneh and asked for his assistance. His expertise allowed me to relax and enjoy the trip. Ethiopia can be as trying as it is beautiful and awe-inspiring - having someone with Simeneh's expertise handling the arrangements eliminated most of the travel-related stress.

Simeneh made suggestions, but never pressured me to accept a more expensive accomodation or package tour - in fact he suggested even cheaper accomodations when I assured him that I was willing to bypass some of the comforts to meet my budget. He would probably laugh if he were to recall how my requirements varied dependant upon where I was located - but as always he was patient with me. I am sure that Simeneh will tailor your tour to suit the style in which you choose to travel.

While I was scrambling to find a stateside travel agent to book all my flights around East Africa, Simeneh quickly booked my accomodations and other travel arrangements and I never had to worry.

Ordinarily I like to do self-guided sightseeing at the various attractions, but I really came to appreciate the benefit of a guide in Ethiopia - not only for the insight and historical and cultural detailing they can offer, but also because they offer a buffer against some of the more aggresive touts. I had the priviledge of "tailing" Simeneh's partner in Axum and was truly happy not only to hear his commentary, but also receive his advice on how to manuever through this village. While in Addis Simeneh squeezed in an extra tour just to make sure that my visit was complete. My only regret is that I didn't ask Simeneh to do the whole tour rahter than just allowing him to do pieces of it.

I know that it sounds like I am gushing - but I was quite impressed with Simeneh's service. Additionally, Simeneh and his partner are the nicest guys that you will ever want to meet. If you were to make use of their services and don't come home having made friends of the both of them, I will be really surprised.

So, you can see that I recommend Simeneh most highly - he and his business partner are genuinely considerate and knowledgeable about travel in their country.

Phillip T William

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